Volunteer Management

People are vital to the success of most voluntary organisations.  Fully engaging volunteers doesn’t happen by accident.   Good volunteer management skills are the foundation for success.  Using over 10 years’ experience working with a national volunteer programme, our flexible modules share how to get best from volunteers so your organisation reaches it’s goals.   Topics include:

Volunteer Management for Beginners: 

Review the basics of how to find, engage, keep and thank volunteers


Recruiting volunteers:

Learn how to grow the number of volunteers in your organisation.  Share practical tips to reach a wide cross-section of people.

Keeping Volunteers: 

Share practical do’s and don’ts that help keep volunteers at key stages of their journey.  Understand how to retain volunteers with different motivational preferences.

Dealing with difficult behaviours: 

Learn strategies to deal with conflict and resolve problems so your organisation will thrive and reach your goals.

Thanking volunteers:

Explore ideas that help volunteers feel appreciated, maintain their enthusiasm and inspire further commitment.

Succession planning:

Learn how to ensure you have the right people with the right skills to keep your organisation thriving for years to come.

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