Options With Learning Limited deliver exceptional learning solutions. 

We are driven by our values:

  • Integrity We only make commitments we believe we can keep.  We only accept work where we will truly add value for our client. 
  • Enjoyment We believe people learn best when they are having fun.  We know our people are most effective when they are enjoying what they do.
  • Learning is life-long.  We aim to impart our knowledge to others.  We seek to add to our wisdom by combining ideas that have stood the test of time with innovative thinking.
  • Relationships We like working with people and believe in partnerships based on mutual honesty, fair treatment, teamwork and respect.

Our consultants have

Energy to excite their audience and stimulate learning.

  • Experience of training thousands of people from all backgrounds across a range of organisations both in the private and voluntary sector.  They have also managed staff, volunteers and complex projects themselves.
  • Expertise in a range of disciplines.
  • Ethos to creatively develop interactive and fun learning experiences that also powerfully achieve our client’s desired outcomes.
  • Extensive Networks from which we can source experts who can complement our skills to achieve the right solution for our clients.

Founded in 1997 by George Athorn, we are based near Newbury in Berkshire but help clients across England and beyond.

How we do it
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